“A treasury management system on its own is useless if you can’t route payment instructions and reporting information back and forth – and that’s what Fides’ bank connectivity provides.” – Eli Brown, Treasury and Investor Services Director, UPS

UPS uses Fides bank connectivity solutions with the Reval TMS from ION Treasury to centralize banking for improved cash visibility and positioning.

With Fides and Reval, UPS has achieved close to real-time cash visibility, strengthened cash positioning, and streamlined global bank messaging and payments processing. All data flows through Fides into Reval, replacing the need for global staff to use individual bank portals.

Benefits include:

  • No more spreadsheets – An automated payments process and central repository eliminates the need for multiple complex spreadsheets and manually compiled data.
  • Near real-time cash visibility – Staff can see cash balances throughout each day to increase efficiency and improve cash positioning.
  • Automated cash concentration — Treasury can set target balances and triggers that automate transfers to UPS’ concentration accounts.
  • Greater accuracy – All this automation significantly reduces human error, making the data cleaner and more accurate.
  • Governance and control — With all data flowing through Fides, central treasury management no longer needs to worry about governance of multiple bank portals.

For more information on how UPS is using Fides and Reval, download our case study.