The line between challenge and opportunity can be a thin one, as many of today’s chief financial officers (CFOs) and corporate treasurers are quickly discovering.

The digitization and acceleration of back-office financial workflows have presented the opportunity for organizations of all sizes to become more agile, with more data available to treasurers for clearer, real-time visibility into cash positions.

At the same time, however, these innovations have also introduced unfamiliar disruptions to antiquated workflows, creating new challenges for treasurers to understand how to readjust their processes and cash flow management strategies as their role within the enterprise grows more complex and valuable.

Speaking with PYMNTS, Fides Head Client Relations Simon Kaufmann explores how some of the biggest opportunities to modernize the treasury function are adding new pressures to finance teams as they navigate the pandemic. By the same token, he notes, there are also emerging challenges that can add a world of opportunity for corporate treasurers.

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