Electronic File Transfer (EFT)

We speak your bank’s language.  From payment files to FX confirmations, trade finance messages and more, EFT ensures compatibility with your bank’s file formatting requirements.  Payments and messaging of all formats are intelligently and efficiently validated and executed through the optimal channel to global bank partners, assuring maximum security.

Challenges in financial transaction execution and communications

  • multi-bank solutions, Multi-Bank Lösungen, Multi-bank connectivity, Multi-Bank Konnektivität

    Infinite diversity of payments and file formats

    Bank file and payment formats differ from country to country and one bank to the other. With thousands or even hundreds of transactions across numerous banks and accounts, it is challenging if not impossible to achieve compliance.

  • multi-bank solutions, Multi-Bank Lösungen, Multi-bank connectivity, Multi-Bank Konnektivität

    System disparity and lack of cohesive automation

    Operating and financial technologies vary greatly by region and by subsidiary for many companies. As a result, 100% automation of payment and trade finance communications is difficult to achieve.

  • multi-bank solutions, Multi-Bank Lösungen, Multi-bank connectivity, Multi-Bank Konnektivität

    Cyber crime prevention and detection

    The number and sophistication of cyberattacks is increasing constantly. Payment security is a top concern but often difficult to address.

What our Clients Say

Fides offers a level of enrichment that other multi-bank providers just cannot deliver. We can send them one format and they can configure that format in a way that it is tailored for each of our banks. They proactively come up with solutions and ideas that allow us to reach all of our banks even in the most complex countries. They are definitely the authority on bank connectivity and communications
Michael Mayer Vice President and Assistant Treasurer @W.P. Carey

EFT – Single Platform for Payments and Messaging Excellence

  • Bank Communications Framework
  • Payment Security
  • Payment Optimization and Enrichment
  • System Integration

Global bank connectivity

Fides is able to connect any bank of any size, anywhere in the world.  Leveraging its hybrid approach by connecting trough SWIFT, EBICS or any alternative networks such as direct connections etc.

All file formats

Understand the complexities of bank formats and communication, Fides sets up an optimal payment and messaging infrastructure for each client, leveraging its extensive library of formats.  Additionally, Fides is committed to supporting custom messaging and formats requests.

Reliable payment and messaging execution

Fides is responsible to maintain all bank connections. Our Fides banking and communications experts take care of regulatory requirements and format updates.

Frictionless connectivity continuity

After the initial bank set-up is done, Fides continues to maintaining each connection so you don’t have to.  We make sure transactions are always executed on time and securely.  Clients can feel comfortable knowing that the Fides team is behind the scenes to provide connectivity continuity.

Increased workflow control

All transactions are created, validated, executed and monitored through a single workflow, eliminating manual intervention completely.

Fast fraud detection

As all payments are captured and managed with the same solution, fraudulent activity can be detected rapidly.

Professional security protection

As an independently operated subsidiary of Credit Suisse AG (CS), Fides is held to the highest security standards. These include, guidelines on data access, as well as strategies for business continuity / recovery of critical systems, data, and business processes.

Optimized payment costs

To reduce bank feeds and transaction cost, Fides aggregates payments or any other messages and executes them through the client’s preferred channel.

Cost-efficient infrastructure

Fides’ technology provides clients with easy and fast access to a cost-efficient and secure payment infrastructure.

Expert support

Experts advise clients on bank communication and payment optimization. Fides stands for individual and hands-on services.

Straight-though processing

Fides solutions can be integrated with all types of treasury management systems and ERP systems, even if the client uses multiple versions.

Flexible data access

Global subsidiaries that are not using the client’s treasury technology can gain visibility into global transaction data through the web portal.

Goodbye spreadsheets

Smaller, multinational companies can use Fides services to consolidate all transaction. They are able to replace spreadsheets without investing in expensive technology.