Fides exists to help you reach further and connect faster.

Fides exists to simplify the resource-draining activities associated with bank communications and transaction aggregation. Our solutions enable corporate treasury and finance teams globally to expand their reach and communicate broadly.

We do this by leveraging our client and market knowledge to perpetually deliver economic solutions that are highly flexible, reliable, and simple to implement.  With the power of Fides, our clients can streamline their multi-banking processes to achieve greater efficiency, intelligence, and accuracy in their communications.

The Fides model is client-driven, putting you at the center of all innovations and service experiences. Our promise is delivered through our unique connectivity and multi-banking expertise.  We are continually learning and understanding the evolving bank languages and requirements so that you don’t have to.  By focusing on the real and individual needs of our clients, we can provide a scalable and sustainable single channel for transaction and communication aggregation, management, and execution. And, only Fides can provide the broadest geographic reach to banks across the globe.

The Fides way means you can conduct business your way.

You manage many banking relationships. It’s not an easy job. But it’s a necessary job for virtually every corporation. And as globalization and cybercrime increase, the job of managing multi-bank relationships seems to grow ever more challenging — and more necessary.

Making payments. Messaging. Connecting. It all seems to be different for every bank; they all have their own unique requirements and protocols. It’s as if every bank were a unique language unto itself.

And you must regularly communicate with all of them, maybe dozens of banks. Perhaps even hundreds. It’s a time-sapping, error-ridden process, because you must use each bank’s unique ‘language’ in managing your relationships with them.

Fides makes all those problems go away.

Think of Fides as a universal translator. You manage your banking relationships your way. Make payments your way. Manage messaging your way. Connect your way. Do your work in your own language, so to speak. And Fides translates your language — your preferred processes, procedures, and connectivity options — to each bank’s language.

It’s an easier, faster, error-less way of conducting your multi-banking business. It’s the Fides way. And it permits you to conduct business YOUR way.

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Building upon a century of trustworthy service.

Fides has been an industry leader for more than a century. You don’t last that long in any industry without earning the trust of your clients. Earning your trust and maintaining that trust is our overarching goal.

And during our long history, we’ve developed the largest banking network on the planet: more than 10,000 banks. So, no matter where you are, and no matter where your banks are, we can help you connect and conduct business — securely and easily. Your way.

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