Andreas Lutz
Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Lutz was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Fides in January 2017. He has been with Fides Treasury Services since March 2014. Andreas Lutz provides Fides with his more than 20 years of executive expertise in sales, risk management, and strategy execution. Under his leadership, he has guided and delivered on the strategic direction for the firm, expanding Fides’ global footprint into new markets, including the Americas and Asia Pacific. Prior to embarking on his career, Andreas earned an Executive MBA degree from the University of Bern and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Rochester, New York.

Andreas’ ongoing career in finance and technology builds upon an impressive catalog of notable accomplishments for the organizations he has been a part of.  As Deputy to the Head of Secondary Trading at Credit Suisse, shouldering responsibilities for trading and risk management, idea generation, and the pricing of structured derivatives. He also co-led Credit Suisse’s implementation of a global market making platform for structured products. Prior to joining Fides, Andreas was the Director of Risk Management for Vontobel Investment Banking.  In this role, Andreas saved the organization millions in fees by spearheading the implementation of an Internal Market.

At Fides – previously as the CMO, and currently as CEO – Andreas has been a key contributor to the company’s ongoing success. As CMO, Andreas was hands-on in developing the entire sales team and has significantly increased operational efficiencies by streamlining processes throughout the firm. In just the first few years of joining, Andreas led dramatic increase of nearly 100% in revenues for Fides.

Andreas enjoys the challenge of inspiring teams and clients with a can-do, pioneering mindset and looks forward to guiding Fides Treasury Services to a very bright future.

Roman Müller
Chief Operating Officer

Roman Müller is the COO of Fides, the global leader in multi-bank connectivity and communications. Roman holds a B.S. and a Federal Diploma in Business Information Technology, along with several professional certifications and credentials including a Certification as Project Manager IPMA.

Prior to joining Fides in 2012, Roman’s served on the management team of the Cantonal Bank of Zurich (ZKB), which provides banking services with a personal touch to the citizens of Zurich since 1870. At ZKB, Roman was a Project Manager and Systems Specialist. In that role, he helped to establish a companywide electronic workplace, and worked to enable stable operations and the reliable, continuous maintenance that supported those operations.

At Fides, Roman’s primary responsibility involves overseeing the maintenance and development of front- and back-end processes, supporting the company’s growth and strategic development, and supporting the operational excellence of the company’s day-to-day operations. Most notably, Roman has been responsible for establishing a professional project management services team, and has fostered a culture of team interaction and collaboration throughout the company – a critical contribution to delivering on the firm’s client-centric ethos.

Roman enjoys the stimulating environment at Fides which encourages participation at the individual level, and that provides an opportunity for each employee to truly make a difference. It’s a client-focused environment that reflects Roman’s philosophy of providing service excellence with every process, and at every employee level.

Dr. Bruno Nyffeler
Chief Information Officer

Dr. Bruno Nyffeler is the CIO of Fides Treasury Services, the global leader in multi-bank connectivity and communications, where he is responsible for overseeing each of the company’s three technology departments: Solution Engineering, Software Engineering and IT & Infrastructure.

Bruno holds an M.S. in Physics, and a Doctor of Philosophy and Physics, all from the University of Bern. Throughout his academic career, Bruno has had many notable accomplishments including the development of parallel simulation software for cluster computers and facial recognition software.  Bruno’s PhD research of hydrodynamic simulations provided hardware architecture and software which comprised a foundational component of a European Space Agency mission.

Bruno’s previous professional experience includes several years spent as an IT Analyst & Code Optimization Scientist for the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics in Lausanne. In this role, he served as a key member of the Vital-IT group, working with partners such as Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle in supplying the scientific community with a wide range of services. Bruno also served as a Software Engineer at The MathWorks Ltd. in Cambridge, where he played a key role in the development of the MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox.

At Fides, Bruno initially served as Head of Development, responsible for managing the design, architecture, implementation, and maintenance of most in-house systems, including Fides’ highly reliable in-house messaging platform.

Bruno excels in turning visionary ideas into pragmatic and realistic implementations, and thrives in the Fides culture which promotes striving toward continuous improvement at both individual and team levels.

Simon Kaufmann
Head, Client Relations and Marketing

Simon Kaufmann leads sales and marketing for Fides. He is also responsible for customer relations and managing partnerships with TMS and ERP providers. Simon has more than 18 years of experience in banking, spanning client-facing functions within private banking and corporate banking.

Prior to joining Fides, Simon held roles as a Key Account Manager and Team Leader within Credit Suisse Corporate Banking. He started at Fides in 2014 as a Client Relationship Manager and assumed more responsibility each year. He was appointed to the Fides leadership team in July 2018.

Simon earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the HWZ University of Applied Sciences, Zurich and is a Certified SWIFT for Corporates Specialist. He speaks fluent German and English and has basic knowledge in French and Spanish.

Simon believes that delivering the highest level of customer service is key to success, and continuously works to ensure that every Fides client receives personal attention and care.


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