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  • Strategic Treasurer Treasury Aggregators Analyst Report 2017 - Fides

    This special report provides in-depth coverage of the treasury aggregation industry at large, with an exclusive look at the solution set offered by Fides.
  • Fact Sheet: Fides Validation Services for Payment and Messaging Continuity

    With a proprietary toolkit of validation, file conversion, and sanction filtering capabilities, Fides assures that clients’ payment and messaging activity are accurate and reliable.
  • eBook: With Greater Payments Complexity Comes the Need for Efficiency

    The payments landscape is evolving at a spectacular rate. The rapid economic globalization and technological advancements that have occurred over the past several decades are allowing today’s organizations to conduct business with clients and partners across the world. However, this global web of connections can be difficult to maintain. With the introduction of more sophisticated payments technology has come heightened expectations, particularly for treasury.
  • Fact Sheet: Fides Electronic File Transfer (EFT) Solution

    Corporations need their payments executed securely, quickly, and at a low cost. What they don’t want is to set up complicated bank interfaces, worry about data breaches, or search for the best payment channel. Corporates need a single platform that can optimally process payments of all formats to their global banking partners. Fides’ Electronic File Transfer (EFT) solution delivers just that.
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