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  • Simplifying Corporate-to-Bank Connectivity

    One of our missions at Fides is to help our clients connect to any bank, anywhere in the world, using the channels of their choice. Simon Kaufmann, our Head of Client Relations and Marketing, talks about some of the challenges corporate treasurers face today and how a multi-channel approach to corporate-to-bank connectivity can help.
  • Fides and Payoneer: An Award-Winning Implementation

    Global Finance recently named Fides the winner of the 2018 Cash & Treasury Management Best Corporate Implementation award for the multi-banking solution we implemented for our client Payoneer. Here are some of our thoughts about the win.
  • The New Era of Payment Solutions

    Fides’ CEO, Andreas Lutz, was recently interviewed by LeFonti’s World Excellence magazine on the issues and opportunities within the multi-banking payments sector. This post summarizes some of the key points contained within the article.
  • Four Best Practices to Achieve Payments Security

    The larger the organization, the higher the percentage of fraudulent activity: 84% of firms with an annual revenue greater than $1B with more than 100 payment accounts reported attempted or actual payments fraud.Here are four ways to be proactive about achieving and maintaining payments security.
  • How Safe is Your Corporate Payment Workflow Process, Really?

    Payments fraud is continues to be on the rise. Know the signs of potential attacks.
  • Efficiency for All: The Need for Global Payments Fintech

    Treasurers need visibility into cash management and potential fraudulent activity. They want to lower costs, both externally and internally, and also reduce the number of errors made across all points of the payments process. The top two payments priorities identified by treasurers in the 2016 Global Payments survey by consulting firm, Strategic Treasurer, were fraud prevention and the need to increase efficiency. This sounds like common sense, so why is it so difficult to achieve?
  • Fides Treasury Services Appoints New CEO

    Fides Treasury Services Ltd., a member of the Credit Suisse Group and the global leader in multi-bank connectivity and communications, today announced that Andreas Lutz has been unanimously appointed by Fides’ Board of Directors as chief executive officer effective immediately.
  • IAIR Awards 2016: Best Multi-Banking Solutions Company of the Year Global

    We are proud to announce that Fides was once again allowed to receive an IAIR Award – this time again as the Best Multi-Banking Solution Company of the Year Global.
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