Fides Streamlines Global Banking Operations for Massive Commodities Company

Company: Trafigura
Industry: Comodity
Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
Employees: 3935
Solutions: [ARS] [EFT]
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While many companies boast of a global presence, Trafigura’s operations are truly
global, involving countless financial transactions across the globe daily. Prior to
working with Fides, Trafigura’s treasury department was managing their financial
relationships manually, using each bank’s proprietary platform. Making payments,
monitoring accounts, and all the normal relationship-management chores were
performed using the banks’ ebanking platforms.

The Trafigura treasury leadership felt that centralization was the answer in making
their international banking relationships more easily and efficiently managed. They
decided to move to a more automated approach of centralizing all their banking
relationships. But where would they turn?