In today’s age of increasingly digital treasury, corporate treasury and finance teams are faced with what can seem like a bewildering array of products and services. All claim to help automate various aspects of treasury tasks, but few working treasury professionals have the time to thoroughly research every solution on the market. Strategic Treasurer produces its series of annual provider reports to help provide guidance that will hopefully make your decisions easier.

The 2021 Definitive Guide to Treasury Technology Solutions contains sections on treasury and risk management; treasury aggregation; and supply chain finance and cash conversion. It also includes an overview of the treasury technology landscape, analysis of common challenges treasury teams face, and general principles for treasury technology selection and implementation.

A full profile of Fides is featured in the Treasury Aggregator (TA) section of the guide. A treasury aggregator, defined by Strategic Treasurer, is a company that “connects to various external systems for data consolidation purposes and then provides that information to whatever other systems require this data.” In other works, multibank connectivity and payment specialization — exactly what Fides delivers.

If you are experiencing any of the scenarios described in the guide excerpt below, it may be time to consider working with a treasury aggregator.

Source: Strategic Treasurer 2021 Definitive Guide to Treasury Technology Solutions

Fides can help you optimize bank connectivity, simplify treasury operations, and increase cash visibility. To find out more — along with in-depth analysis of treasury trends, predictions for the future, and practical advice for obtaining buy-in and implementing technology, download your copy of the guide today.

Get your complimentary copy of the Strategic Treasurer 2021 Definitive Guide to Treasury Technology Solutions, courtesy of Fides, here.