How Many Connections Do You Juggle? You Can Swap Them All for Just One: Fides

Financial messaging requirements are overwhelming.  Payment and transaction volumes are high. Financial networks and communications have expanded on a global scale.  Additionally, the technology landscape is becoming more intricate – multiple financial systems, multiple versions, different infrastructures across multiple subsidiaries.  And they all need to connect and communicate with each other.

Now you can simplify with Fides.

With connectivity to more than 10,000 banks across 170+ countries, Fides enables communication via any channel such as SWIFT, EBICS, H2H, APIs, etc. and supports any format (All SWIFT MT formats, ISO20022, ACH, EDI, AFB, DTA, ABA and many more) with the largest banking network in the world so you can achieve 100% connectivity.

Our clients not only benefit from the reach of our multi-bank network, but they also benefit by our straight-through processing services to achieve seamless connectivity to mission critical technology platforms such as ERPs and TMS Portals.

But no matter how you choose to connect to our network, it will be the only connection you need.