Fides was named the winner of TMI’s 2020 Technology & Innovation Award for Best Bank Connectivity Solution. This article from TMI explains why. 

“Fides offers a level of enrichment that other multibank providers just cannot deliver. We can send them one format and they can configure that format in a way that it is tailored for each of our banks. They proactively come up with solutions and ideas that allow us to reach all of our banks even in the most complex countries. They are definitely the authority on bank connectivity and communications.” So says Michele Mayer, Vice President and Assistant Treasurer of real estate investment trust company, W.P. Carey.

It’s the kind of ringing customer endorsement that money can’t buy. It’s also the kind of statement that makes TMI Awards judges pay attention. As 2020’s winner in the Best Bank Connectivity category, it’s apparent that Fides Treasury Services has the products to sustain such welcome remarks.

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