We centralize and simplify multi-bank connectivity and transaction communications – globally.

With connectivity to more than 10,000 banks across 170+ countries, Fides enables communication via any format (All SWIFT MT and ISO20022 formats, ACH, EDI, AFB, DTA, ABA and many more) with the largest banking network in the world so you can achieve 100% connectivity.

Our clients not only benefit from the reach of our multi-bank network, but they also benefit by our straight-through processing services to achieve seamless connectivity to mission critical technology platforms such as ERP, TMS, and Portals.

But no matter how you choose to connect to our network, it will be the only connection you need.

How We Help

  • Payment Processing

    Over $5.5 Trillion in payments processed annually

    Whether bulk or individual, Fides makes it possible to transfer payments to any banks worldwide. Our validation,  information enrichment and sanction filtering capabilities ensure the data is sent in high quality and payments can be made on time. Regardless of where you are sending payments, Fides processes them and sends the payment orders to the respective banks.



  • Bank Messaging

    160K+ SWIFT messages processed daily

    Founded to support the global reach of our client’s businesses, Fides understand the complexities of bank formats and communication, and has created a comprehensive library of file formats that meet country and bank specific protocols. Additionally, Fides is committed to supporting custom messaging and formats requests.



  • Bank Reconciliation

    ~160k bank messages across 170+ countries are communicated through Fides daily

    Gain access to your complete liquidity overview at the touch of a button.  Our Account Reporting Solutions (ARS) aggregates all transaction and account information such as balances, transactions, and booking texts from your banking partners around the world.



  • Bank Connectivity

    Fides connects to 150K bank accounts across 10,000 banks globally

    As a SWIFT Service Bureau, organizations with high transaction volumes and bank relationships can become a SWIFT for Corporates member, supported and managed by Fides.  Need to connect banks outside of the SWIFT SCORE network? Fides offers the use of the CS Group Financial BIC.  For direct-to-bank messaging, Fides provides access to EBICS, H2H or any alternative network available.


  • Problem-Solving-as-a-Service

    3,000+ happy clients worldwide

    Our clients are happy, all 3,000+ of them.  Why?  Because we put clients first and they place great importance on our 30+ years of multi-banking expertise.  Your challenges are our opportunity to do what we love – ensure that we are simplifying the multi-bank communications and connectivity experience so you can focus on the things that add value to your business.




Multi-Banking expertise that withstands the test of time.