Fides Treasury Services - Enabling Global Multibanking

Whether you face the challenges of dealing with multiple banks, communication channels or data formats, Fides Treasury Services provides you with the solutions you are looking for.
We connect Corporates all over the world with their banks, through their channel and format of choice.

Fides solutions grant a comprehensive overview over all your bank accounts. Furthermore, you can process your payments using your preferred channel and leave the delivery to your banks up to Fides.

The combination of centralized global visibility and execution of payments gives your Treasury department an efficient tool for cash pooling.

Our Core Competencies

Global Reach

Currently, we connect more than 350 Corporates all over the world to over 1’400 banks for reports and 800 banks for payment processing.


The experience we gathered over years of providing Multibanking gives us the know-how to deliver tailor-made solutions in unbeatable time-to-market.


Regardless of the network you connect to, the Treasury software providers and banks you rely on, we deliver flexible and scalable solutions. With our strong foundations as being part of the Credit Suisse Group we remain your Multibanking provider today as well as tomorrow.